Young Living- Spaghetti Sauce Recipe


~Young Living Infused Spaghetti Sauce~

(**Please Read bottom for list of allergy warnings**)




Tools Needed for Recipe:

Nutribullet or Blender, Large Pot, Large Skillet, Spatula, Large Spoon.



  • Cook ground beef and diced onions in large skillet, start boiling pasta water.
  • Once water is at a boil, bring heat down to medium and add salt, EVOO, and pasta to water and stir ( stir occasionally to keep from sticking
  • Drain can of diced tomatoes
  • Place spaghetti sauce and diced tomatoes in to blender/nutribullet, blend until smooth, but not watery
  • Open blender/nutribullet and add ONE DROP of both Young Living Oils, place top back on and blend for 10 seconds
  • Once the ground beef and onions are fully cooked, pour and stir in your sauce
  • Drain cooked pasta, and either mix sauce in or add sauce on top of each plate (personal preference) and enjoy!!!




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Allergy Warnings:

The oils in this recipe contain Oregano, Basil and Thyme, if you are allergic to any of these, please DO NOT use this recipe.


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