Little religious rant/ prayer requests

So I spoke with my uncle today, his father is 90 years old (he is my “self adopted uncle, not blood, might as well be.) and has had major memory issues and they think he needs to get put in to a home to keep him safe. He recently was in a car accident, he hit the guard rail. He doesn’t remember anything that happened, doesn’t remember even why he was driving. They revoked his license and he will be in a “retirement home” in the next few months. please keep our family in your prayers.
My Uncle has asked me and Luke to move in to his dads house with him because he cannot manage staying there alone, as he helps us with bills, and it would be cheaper to have us live with him and help him maintain the home as well as his dads elderly pets since im a stay at home mom. Im so glad to be moving in to a house, but its very VERY bittersweet as its only happening because of what has happened with his dad.
please pray that The Lord leads this, and shows us what needs to happen. I love my Uncle Steve like a father, he has been in my life since i was 13, my best friend at the time was his God-Daughter, and he became close friends with my mom and my aunt angie, and he has always been supportive for me both emotionally, and financially when possible. I feel so badly for him that this is happening to his father, but I know with us there to help him and keep him company, he wont become depressed or lonely, as he will have my husband to talk guy stuff with, and me to talk emotions with, and all three of us to be there for him if he needs us. 
Romans 8:31

If God is for us, then who can be against us?
My favorite Scripture, it fits for almost every situation you could possibly come across. God is bigger than all of this, and our lives and our future is in His hands, our choices are made after praying on it, and praying together, and discussing things over together. Me and my Husband converted to Mormonism, and Ill tell you it is the first time I ever felt welcome the first day walking in. They care about one another, and they bring you meals if you are injured or sick. When i was pregnant with Spencer, the Relief Society brought me meals, both Lunch and Dinner for myself and my Husband. After I had Spencer, he got sick and i made one phone call and one of the wonderful ladies in the R.S. brought me a nose freida, and baby tylenol to lower his fever, and pedialyte to help with electrolytes. When people think of Mormons, they think of “Having 7 Wives”, and “Bigotry” and claim that its a Cult. The things that I have learned, is that it is so muh like christianity with minor differences. I still believe that The Lord is my Savior, and that he sent us His Son, Jesus Christ to Wipe away our sins, and that His love is Forever, and He forgives us of our sins, and is always listening to us. I may get judged by what religion I am, but you know what? I really dont care. I am not the type of person to judge anyone by who they are, whether its color of skin, where you come from, what your sexual orientation is, or what religion you follow, The Lord says in Mark 12:30-32:
“And you shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ 31″The second is this, ‘you shall love thy neighbor as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” 32 The scribe said to Him, “Right, Teacher; You have truly stated that He is one, and there is no one else besides Him.”
If you have questions, I’m an open book and I will answer them to the best of my ability, and if I don’t have an answer, I will get one for you as soon as possible, and I request if you have any judgement to please keep it to yourself, I have and will block anyone who puts me down or attacks me because of my PERSONAL beliefs, I dont question any one of you or your beliefs, so I expect the same courtesy. Also for anyone saying that Im pushing beliefs on my child, you could not be more wrong. When my son tells me he wants to look in to other churches, I am more than willing to take him to whatever services he wants to go to, his religion is his choice, I will however take him to church until he decides that he doesnt agree with what they say, not that he doesnt want to go because he would rather play etc. anyways. im done ranting. Have a wonderful night. 
 John 13:34-35

“…That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

*** If anyone would like to discuss things you don’t quite understand about the Mormon Religion, please feel free to message me here and I will send you my email address.***

God Bless and thank you all for reading. 

Living in “Sunny” San Diego… What a joke

I seriously think Mother Nature got her map confused, it’s supposed to be nice and warm all year round, not so cold where I can see my own breath!!! I so can’t wait til summertime!!!! The new apartment we moved to back in October has a really nice, unheated pool, so this summer we get to teach our little boy how to swim! I seriously wish that there was a jacuzzi, but finding a place with a pool was hard enough, let alone a downstairs unit close to my husbands work, that we could afford! 
Lately we have been thinking about moving tho, closer to my husbands family, and closer to my grandmother. It’s like they got our weather and we got theirs! Moving to Florida would also mean that Spencer would be closer to his cousins and get to grow up with them.  We do have family out here but it is very limited, and we rarely see any of them anyways. But that would mean a huge move, and my husband would need to find a job before we moved so it looks like the move will have to wait until he gets a job that he can transfer to another state. Meh, anyways. 

I’ve been crocheting a little here and there but I still have Christmas presents that I haven’t sent out due to lack of motivation to actually complete them, not that I don’t want my family to have them, I just haven’t been feeling up to crocheting the last one due to a massive fibro flare caused by this insanely cold weather! 


-end rant-


Fibro is a life ruiner

Lately due to the extremely cold san diego weather, I’ve been in a massive constant flare that feels worse than the flu… I just wanna spend time with my family, decorate for Christmas, wrap presents for my son, but fibro has made sure that Christmas doesn’t happen this year for my family. I’m just glad that my son is too young to know the difference. I can’t wait til they find a cure for this horrible life sucking disease so we all can be free of this pain!

Rant and rave 

So I’m still struggling with getting the right medications to help fibro pain… My dr put me on a pain patch that worked great but my asthma disagreed with it so now they wanna try extended release pain pills. Ugh we need a #cureforfibro

Long time no see!

Well I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written here so I thought I’d get my page up to date. So hubby and me found a new, bigger apartment close by, and I am completely dreading the move!!! It’s a lot bigger and my son will have his own room. It’s bitter sweet, it’s good for him to have room to grow as a little human, but I don’t know if this momma is ready to let him lol!!!! He is growing so much every day, he knows how to walk without shoes, with shoes he falls every few steps lol. He has 8 teeth, he is 26 lbs, loves watching learning shows, and spending time with his momma. I can’t believe he is already 14 months old! I swear it feels like I blinked and BAM!!! He’s one year old!!! Where did the time go?! 

Well, another new change happened, we had to regime my pit bull Kahlua once again but this time she has a beautiful yard with wonderful owners who love her and run and play with her all day! ( when they aren’t in school lol ) we still get to see her whenever we want so it’s good for all involved. 

Ahh!! I really need to focus some time on finishing some of my current WIPS so they will be done for Christmas!!! I finished a baby blanket for my nephew and I can’t wait to send it to him!! Check out the pics down below 💁🏼
(Ohh! I almost forgot!!! The other day I followed a really neat YouTube tutorial on How to layer your own hair Along with dying my hair burgundy.)  


its been some time…..

well, ive kinda fallen off the grid for a while, but ive had such a busy schedule I havent had even a minute of time for myself! my family is apartment hunting and let me tell you, moving in the summer makes it impossible to find any decent apartment in San Diego! well, hopefully we finally found the apartment for us! It has a pool, downstairs unit, laundry facilities, and its larger than our current place. All there is left to do is turn in the application and wait for the approval!

Anyways, my kiddo is getting huge! He now fits in 2t clothing, and is basically walking, he communicates, he loves eating anything we eat, and he loves to drink water. Kids grow so fast, I just want him to slow down and be a baby forever. I can’t believe that he is a toddler already, it seems like just yesterday he was born. Being his momma is such a rewarding experience, I wouldnt trade it for the world 🙂 he is the sweetest little boy a momma could ask for, I am truly blessed.

At the end of September, I will finally be seeing a new pain specialist to treat my fibro symptoms, hopefully this dr takes me seriously. Im really looking forward to not being in agony all hours of the day, for once id like just one day, heck even an hour or a few minutes of just minimal pain levels. Anywho, thats all she wrote!

Can you really be a writer if you havent written anything?

For years. I have wanted to be a writer, like legit writer of a newspaper article, or a magazine, or advice column. But the thing I really want is to write a novel. I am a big time reader, I can finish a 1,000 page book in less than 6 hours, but writing…. ohh boy. I just can’t seem to write anything. I sit at my computer trying to figure out what I wanna write about. and I sit and stare at a blank document watching the little line blink, waiting for me to press a key….. until I finally give up and forget about it for a few months. What can I do to get my thoughts to turn in to a freaking story? what am I doing wrong? why can’t I make it work???

I hate hospitals

So, I’ve been here at my local emergency room since about 8pm and it’s now 1am. All they have done is give me pain meds for the abdomen pain I came in for, and my dr tried to do an ultrasound to see my gall bladder and ha! He couldn’t find it! I just wanna get outta here so I can freaking eat! I’m so frustrated right now. They ordered the ultrasound about an hour into my wait, so I guess it takes 4 hours to get a damn ultrasound!  Gahhh! I wish I had brought my crochet project so I wasn’t so darn bored!

Today has been pretty uneventful, mostly slept today, been in a lot of pain so sleeping is my only outlet to forget the pain. Hubby ran errands today and played with the kiddo. Hopefully I can get home soon and not be in as much pain so I can have a fun day with my son tomorrow 🙂

♡~Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always~♡

It’s been a while…

So it’s been quite some time since my last blog. I’ve had so much stress in my life with family and people I call family, and when I’m not stressed or battling fibro pain, I’m spending much needed time with my growing baby boy who just turned one 🙂


right now it’s almost 5am in muggy san diego and I can’t seem to get to sleep, partially due to fibro pain and the other part is due to my new light up crochet hook I got for my shells blanket I’m making my mom.


My mom has had 4 heart attacks in the past year, the last big one was so bad she was in a coma for about a month, she still can’t eat solid food without vomiting, her stomach just can’t handle it. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight, which is really bad considering she is 6ft tall and about a buck 50. All of her health issues really have had her down so I decided to make her a blanket to cheer her up and put a smile on her beautiful face.

Some other battles I’ve been dealing with is my dog kahlua. She is a 5 yr old pittie purebred and has a never ending uti that comes every few months, and she also has been real picky with her food so we have been battling to get her to eat. She’s my little fur baby princess 🙂 🐶


Anyways. That’s about all I can put into words for tonite. Hopefully I’ll pass out soon so I can get rest before I have to run errands in the morning before hubby takes off for work at 3pm.


♡~Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always~♡


So I went to pick up the blanket I’m in the process of crocheting and realized the last row was all wrong. Urgh! On a good note things have been just a little better pain wise, the humidity in San Diego has gone away and we are back to our normal amazing weather. It’s days like these I truly am thankful my hubby ignores me when I have sudden urges to leave san diego lol! So my son turns 1 on Wednesday, we have had 2 parties for him so far, and I have this gut feeling that my in laws are going to call last minute and ask us to bring him over to visit blah blah. Just a little back story, my mil freaked out cuz my hubby has never been close with his gpa so didn’t call on his birthday, so mil decided it was appropriate to threaten to show up at my hubby’s work and get him fired if he didn’t call, apologize for being 2 weeks late, and to say happy birthday. Can you say insane?! Ugh!

So now that I have had my rant for the day, I’m gunna watch big bang theory season 3, try yet again to start writing a book or short story, and hope to get some good rest. 🙂