meal planning? meh

So, with our tax money this year we decided to buy a SECOND Deep Freezer, but this one is upright. So the reasoning behind the deep freeze is because I’m trying to lower the cost of groceries monthly. We get the basic groceries from our church, and i buy the rest, so with the food from the church i plan to make like 10-15 different meal-in-a-bags, and at least 2 of each different meal, and I also plan on making very large pots of food, to use like TV dinners but home made for the microwave to make meals easier on me when I’m in a fibro flare. Well I ordered a bunch of freezer safe Tupperware that prevents freezer burn, and of course USPS totally screws up and takes my package back to the post office, yet they had no problem leaving my Fit Bit package in the pouring rain. ugh i swear! Anyways so now the meal planning is post-poned til next week, and i made all this Spaghetti for dinner tonight and have to stick it in a ziploc until i get the Tupperware next week. Well that’s pretty much the excitement of the week! see ya later!

Live Laugh Love Always!!!

( I’ll add links to my recipes later )

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