My Crochet Creations

Well I started yet another project which makes 7 WIPS in completed lol, not counting my kitty kubby lol. This is a baby blanket for my friend who isn’t sure of the gender yet so I’m making her a gender neutral large granny square blanket, with white, minty green, and mellow yellow, all yarns are red heart.  I’m using a K hook.

So far I’m loving it! This is my first large granny square so I hope it turns out nice 🙂  she loves the colors and told me to decide what pattern to make, originally I started making a simple v stitch pattern alternating colors but it just didn’t look right to me, so I 🐸 frogged it and started over. My question is, how big should I make it for a newborn? I’ve never made a square baby blanket so I’m not sure on sizing.

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