Happy Holidays… And all that jazz!!

So my little family had a pretty interesting Christmas, we reconciled with my mother in law after not speaking for 8 months. A little back story, my mother in law was brought up a certain way, to always obey her parents no matter what age. Well she believes that my husband should do the same, and I’m sorry but I refuse to follow suit. I am a very opinionated person and I make my own rules. Well my mother in law had said that we HAD to make time for her weekly on her time, not ours, because children should always obey their parents. Well the days she was available was Sunday, and the time she had was when we were at church and to make time we had to miss church that week. I told her that I would be fine with every other week but that just wasn’t acceptable, well from there she stopped contact for a while. Anyways my husband asked me to please stop engaging in conversation with her because he didn’t want to deal with drama if we fought so I did as he asked. Well she called us a few days before thanksgiving saying she found our Christmas deco and to have my hubs pick it up one Sunday on his way to work. Instead I suggested to hubs that we should make it a family trip and spend an hour with her so she could visit with our son. After that we didn’t hear from her so I decided to text and invite her ( with hubs agreement) to come over either the Wednesday before Christmas or Christmas morning to watch our son open presents. She replied back and said she would love to spend Christmas morning with us as a family. She teaches at a church as the pastor of the children, they had a program on Christmas Eve so we decided to surprise her and go, knowing that none of the family was attending, we didn’t want her to feel like she didn’t matter. She was so thrilled to see us! Christmas morning she came over and it was amazing! She was an entirely different person! She had a talk with hubs the night of the program after we went home and they agreed to let the past be the past and to not hold grudges for our sons sake. We had such a fabulous Christmas with her! My husband worked Christmas Day, and had to leave for work at 3pm. Well she stayed and hung out with me and our son until almost 11pm talking with me, and playing with our son. It was the greatest gift we could have gotten for Christmas! We were blessed with a whole family again. So needless to say it was a fabulous Christmas! 
Live life, laugh lots, love always! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ‰ 




Fibro is a life ruiner

Lately due to the extremely cold san diego weather, I’ve been in a massive constant flare that feels worse than the flu… I just wanna spend time with my family, decorate for Christmas, wrap presents for my son, but fibro has made sure that Christmas doesn’t happen this year for my family. I’m just glad that my son is too young to know the difference. I can’t wait til they find a cure for this horrible life sucking disease so we all can be free of this pain!

Rant and raveΒ 

So I’m still struggling with getting the right medications to help fibro pain… My dr put me on a pain patch that worked great but my asthma disagreed with it so now they wanna try extended release pain pills. Ugh we need a #cureforfibro