Time flies!!!

Wow! It’s been a very long time since I’ve sat down to write out anything other than bills lists!! So as of most of you know I recently moved to a 2 bedroom apartment, and now my awesome little dude has his own bedroom to play in and terrorize lol! Well since the move, he has perfected walking barefoot, but is still working on walking in shoes lol! He’s talking more, has learned to crawl up on to the couches, and loves his veggies! Kids grow up so fast, so I’ve been just enjoying spending all my free time with my little dude, or with my hubs, and when they are asleep I use that time to crochet 🙂

   This is my current WIP for my awesome mother in law who is also a fibro warrior like myself! Her favorite colors along with her favorite flowers 🙂 there will be 12 roses with leaves going up the corners of the blanket when it is completed. My son is so fascinated with my yarn collection, hopefully when he is old enough we can share in my passion of crocheting for loved ones 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my U.S. Followers btw! My family (hubs, my son and myself) celebrated a day early due to hubs working on thanksgiving (woohoo for time and a half!!) so hubs was able to take a turkey sandwich to work for his lunch 🙂

(My trick to a moist turkey is to add one butter stick cut in slices, shoved under the skin along with orange slices. Try it! It was delicious!!)
My hubs also recently has been growing out his hair on top (he tried growing it all out but his work wouldn’t allow that 😠) and he’s absolutely gorgeous 😍!! Not that he wasn’t already hehe, but it’s a nice change for him considering the (finally!) cold weather in normally sunny San Diego!

 (This is him and our son Spencer a few days ago before the rain started) (yeah I know Spencer shouldn’t be using a bottle but I cave when he’s in pain from growing 4 molars at once)

Anyways! As always, I hope you all are having a fabulous day and God Bless you all!!

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