In-Laws…. Need I say more????

So, my mother in law, well shes a piece of work…where to start?

Well, for starters. My son was born with some health issues and because of that, he had to stay in the NICU for his first 3 weeks. I got sent home after week one, and the room he was in didnt have a bed so I couldnt stay with him. When i was discharged she had told me that I could borrow her car to be able to breastfeed him as much as possible because hubby had to work. She lived about 5 minutes (walking) from home to work. When I called her to set up a time to get the car from her, she texted me saying, and I quote: ” but if you have my car, then I cant come down and visit my baby sweetheart!” MEANING MY SON!!!! keep in mind, she cant visit without me or hubby due to nicu rules. Anyways, after that I didnt see her nor did she see my child until he was at least 2 months old. Fast forward a year. Now for the past 6 months we have shut her out due to her demanding that she be allowed to show up at our house every sunday and spend the day with me and my son! Dont get me wrong, I have no issue letting her come over every once in a while, but I will not be told what to do on anyones terms. I am his mother, not her! I have a right to privacy, and I shouldn have to adjust my life to make time for her every sunday from noon til 7pm. Every time she comes over, she throws off my sons schedule by not letting him nap cuz ” we dont nap when grandma visits!” anyways…..

So heres my issue. How do I get her to understand she doesnt make the rules, I DO! its my home my rules, I get no help from her whatsoever and neither does hubby. We support ourselves. I just dont want to feel like a guest in my own home, I have a schedule for my sons naps, feeding times, and bed times. but when she walks in its all about her…. what can I do???


4 thoughts on “In-Laws…. Need I say more????

  1. aspooniesmakeupbag says:

    Oh wow, You need to just tell her if ahe isnt going to abide by your rulea she cant visit. My mother in law is a piece of work too, she hasnt understood that my huaband doeant need her apron strings anymore. I finally told her the next time she tries to over rule me in our life it will be the last time she ever will. I told her he ia not a baby and doeant need her hovering he has told her time and time again and now I am telling her and I dont repeat myself ever. So far she isnt being overbearing anymore.

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  2. livelaughlovesd says:

    My mil just doesn’t get it. She acts like she doesn’t understand. Ughhh. She also thinks hubby needs someone to do everything for him…. grrr. I will raise my son to be respectful and responsible! His wife will thank me, not hate me lol


  3. bobamom says:

    We both have issues with in laws. Except I have to live with mine and lately it’s the fil that’s getting to me. 😦 has your husband tried telling her to stop? Lol what about not answering the door when she comes or making sure you have other plans?


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