I hate hospitals

So, I’ve been here at my local emergency room since about 8pm and it’s now 1am. All they have done is give me pain meds for the abdomen pain I came in for, and my dr tried to do an ultrasound to see my gall bladder and ha! He couldn’t find it! I just wanna get outta here so I can freaking eat! I’m so frustrated right now. They ordered the ultrasound about an hour into my wait, so I guess it takes 4 hours to get a damn ultrasound!  Gahhh! I wish I had brought my crochet project so I wasn’t so darn bored!

Today has been pretty uneventful, mostly slept today, been in a lot of pain so sleeping is my only outlet to forget the pain. Hubby ran errands today and played with the kiddo. Hopefully I can get home soon and not be in as much pain so I can have a fun day with my son tomorrow 🙂

♡~Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always~♡

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