It’s been a while…

So it’s been quite some time since my last blog. I’ve had so much stress in my life with family and people I call family, and when I’m not stressed or battling fibro pain, I’m spending much needed time with my growing baby boy who just turned one 🙂


right now it’s almost 5am in muggy san diego and I can’t seem to get to sleep, partially due to fibro pain and the other part is due to my new light up crochet hook I got for my shells blanket I’m making my mom.


My mom has had 4 heart attacks in the past year, the last big one was so bad she was in a coma for about a month, she still can’t eat solid food without vomiting, her stomach just can’t handle it. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight, which is really bad considering she is 6ft tall and about a buck 50. All of her health issues really have had her down so I decided to make her a blanket to cheer her up and put a smile on her beautiful face.

Some other battles I’ve been dealing with is my dog kahlua. She is a 5 yr old pittie purebred and has a never ending uti that comes every few months, and she also has been real picky with her food so we have been battling to get her to eat. She’s my little fur baby princess 🙂 🐶


Anyways. That’s about all I can put into words for tonite. Hopefully I’ll pass out soon so I can get rest before I have to run errands in the morning before hubby takes off for work at 3pm.


♡~Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always~♡

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