I excepted this challenge, Thanks for the push!

Gunna do this later



I have been given a challenge from Only I know the real true me , I hope she knows that these are the two hardest words for me.  One being a way to have power over me, so I try never to use it and the other is well only a fantasy having not known the feeling myself.  But if she is strong enough to do it, then I can to.

The challenge is to list 10 things for each love and hate.

1.  The sunrise and sunset
2.   The Ocean
3.   Helping others 
4.  Art of all types
5. Animals
6. Nature
7. Knowing that Love is out there, somewhere.
8. A good book
9. Coffee
10. A challenge to reach a goal.

1. People who abuse others in any way
2. Smart people who act stupid
3. Violence of any kind
4. The word HATE!
5. …

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