So I went to pick up the blanket I’m in the process of crocheting and realized the last row was all wrong. Urgh! On a good note things have been just a little better pain wise, the humidity in San Diego has gone away and we are back to our normal amazing weather. It’s days like these I truly am thankful my hubby ignores me when I have sudden urges to leave san diego lol! So my son turns 1 on Wednesday, we have had 2 parties for him so far, and I have this gut feeling that my in laws are going to call last minute and ask us to bring him over to visit blah blah. Just a little back story, my mil freaked out cuz my hubby has never been close with his gpa so didn’t call on his birthday, so mil decided it was appropriate to threaten to show up at my hubby’s work and get him fired if he didn’t call, apologize for being 2 weeks late, and to say happy birthday. Can you say insane?! Ugh!

So now that I have had my rant for the day, I’m gunna watch big bang theory season 3, try yet again to start writing a book or short story, and hope to get some good rest. šŸ™‚

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