It’s been a while since my last blog so I figured I’d write while I wait for my lidocaine patch to do its thing for my sciatica. So today, my apartment complex decided to do a walk thru for refinancing the place, which don’t get me wrong, it’s great cuz it needs a remodel BAD! But while that was going on I had to get a dogsitter, reorganize my entire house and clean from top to bottom, which for me isn’t easy at all. But I dealt with it, and now I’m finally relaxing and coping with the high pain levels while hanging with the hubster and one of my besties. I really need to make phone calls to reschedule appts I missed but that requires getting up and finding the paperwork that has the phone numbers on them and looking for my insurance policy info. Blah blah blah. …

Anyways, hoping to start on hubby’s crochet blanket for his birthday in september. Lol I know it’s a long ways away but it takes me forever to complete blankets for adults.

Have a good day all! Enjoy every minute πŸ™‚

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