Life with fibromyalgia

So today I saw my doctor, and she is recommending me to a new pain specialist that works with primarily fibro patients. I’m so excited to finally see a doctor that understands the pain I deal with on a daily basis and take me seriously, as opposed to a dr that labels me as drug seeking. Having fibro has changed my life in so many ways, but I am truly blessed with an amazing husband who is super supportive and understands that it’s real and I’m not making it up. Having a good support system is so important when you have a chronic pain disorder,  to have a group of people or just one person who is sympathetic to what you are dealing with means so much, and is key in managing your pain levels and mood swings that come with living in constant agony. I love my husband so much and to see how supportive he is with all of this makes him that much more amazing in my eyes. My own family thinks I’m making it ip, and that it’s just an excuse, but my husband sees it, he lives it with me, he goes thru the ups and downs and is always there when I need him the most. I’m one lucky girl ♡♡♡


♡~Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always~♡

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